Allocated and Insured Storage

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Bullion Strategies deals only in unencumbered, good delivery precious metals with a certified chain of integrity.

We offer allocated and insured storage in qualified vaults (LBMA and COMEX).

Investors and institutions now have the ability to acquire "good delivery"  physical precious metals and manage their ownership in the same way that a central bank or bullion bank does, safely and without liquidity restriction.

All metals purchased and sold are transacted by Scotia Mocatta, one of the most respected bullion dealers in the world. The means our program has no volume constraints as transactions are made directly into the liquid global bullion markets.

Bullion Strategies does not deal in numismatic coins. Our physical bullion product line is designed for investors who require access to liquid markets and the flexibility of high capacity certified storage vaults globally.

BULLION STRATEGIES provides only physical precious metals programs that qualify for the Foundation category of Precious Metals Investment Pyramid (as shown on the left). Every other category of investment on the pyramid carries counter-party risk and becomes a derivative form of ownership.
Unencumbered Physical Precious Metals Essential For Core Asset Protection

It has become all too obvious that global debt levels and monetary expansion have grown exponentially since 2008 and so far, central banks have shown little if any intention of engaging in the rules of monetary discipline moving forward. 

All currencies of the world today are backed by the good-faith in the issuer of the currency. Wealth denominated in paper currencies has been losing purchasing power globally. This is where precious metals become the hedge of choice by offering the most negative correlation to other asset classes.

Precious metals are rare, expensive to mine and produce and cannot be printed.

Precious metals suffer no counter-party risk and maintain intrinsic value. This makes them a reliable store of value over time and this is the key element missing in today's debt based monetary system. Currency debasement is now guaranteed. 

The bullion and storage programs offered by Bullion Strategies provides the protection you need by maintaining the cardinal attributes of physical precious metals investment.

1. Unrestricted Liquidity

2. No counter-party risk

3. Independent of management skills

If only one of these attributes becomes compromised, you are no longer dealing with the Foundation of the Precious Metals Investment Pyramid but you move into a derivative form of ownership that exposes you to a greater risk and less liquidity. At Bullion Strategies we offer only qualified Foundation level physical gold, silver and platinum precious metals investments.