Bullion Deed

The Bullion Bars & Coins program provides evidence of title transfer for each bar held in storage with a unique bullion deed that identifies one bar/tube/monster box by:
  1. Serial Number
  2. Gross Weight
  3. Purity
  4. Refiner
  5. Owners Name and date of issue
  6. Bullion Custodial Services Inc. Signature
Each deed is individually serialized by The Canadian Banknote Company and the serial numbers issued are guaranteed to be unique. This ensures that only one deed can ever be issued for a specific bar, tube or monster box held in storage.

The bullion deed is cancelled upon delivery or sale of your bar and must be returned to BCS prior to the distribution of funds or shipment from the vault.

The bullion deed is not a negotiable instrument and if stolen or lost will be re-issued to the owner.