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400 Oz Gold Bar



The 400 oz gold bar is the standard institutional trading bar for the London Bullion Markets. These bars are "crucible poured" to conform to  LBMA (London) good delivery weight and purity standards and may vary in weight. Each bar is stamped with the pour date, gross weight, purity and refiner.You pay only for the fine gold weight of the bar.

The 400-oz gold bars trade in excess of 23 $Billion daily on the London physical markets (LME) and establish the spot gold-price that you see quoted on the internet and in your newspaper.

There are sixty-three active gold refineries globally, and they are all closely monitored and approved by the London Bullion Market Association. Combined they produce around 150,000 of these 400-ounce gold bars each year.

To retain Good Delivery status, the large 400 ounce bars of gold traded by refineries, central banks, wholesalers, bullion banks and professional dealers must remain inside secure, recognized gold bullion vaults. They can thus be traded without delay and ensure complete liquidity in the global marketplace. 

Weight Range:  380 - 420 troy ounces
Purity: .995+
RCM Crucible Pour - 400 oz Gold

Pure Gold

Allocated Storage 400 oz Bars

100 Oz Gold Bar



The 100 oz gold bar is the standard institutional trading bar for the Commodity Exchange, New York COMEX (USA) and is also traded on the eCBOT in the form of a 100 oz contract. These bars are poured to conform to COMEX bar weight and purity good delivery standards and placed in COMEX approved vaults ensuring the bar's chain of integrity and liquidity on the global markets.

The weight of each bar will vary within the prescribed ranges and is stamped with the pour date, gross weight, purity and refiner. You pay only for the fine gold weight of the bar.

London Good Delivery gold bars, along with 100 oz "COMEX Good Delivery" gold bars, form the main gold holdings of the world's central banks because of their liquidity and low premiums.

Unlike most of the other gold bars on the market, the 100 oz gold bar is not made to an exact size. This no doubt evolved because the bars were cast from molten gold and poured from a crucible into a mold. It was more practical to pour them and weigh them than to try to make them an exact weight. The tradition continues to this day.

Both the 100 and 400 ounce gold bars offer the highest liquidity available at the lowest premium per ounce.

Weight Range: 80 - 120 oz troy
Purity: .995+
100 oz Gold Bars

Portable Wealth

Kilogram Gold Bar



The Kilogram gold bar has become the European and Asian preferred weight (1000 grams) and conforms to the LPPM (London/Zurich), and COMEX (USA)  good delivery standards for gold weight and purity.

Unlike poured bars of gold bullion, the more modern kilogram bars are "injection molded" for a consistent weight of one kilogram (32.15 ounces) of 999+ Gold, and are polished to a highly reflective finish.

Each bar is stamped with a unique serial number, the pour date, weight, purity and refiner. You pay only for the fine gold weight of the bar which is measured at 32.148 troy ounces of 24 k gold.

Most of the 100 oz and 400 oz gold bars marked at 995+ purity that were liquidated from the COMEX and the LME over the last four years, have been directed to recognized Swiss refiners for re-melt into kilogram bars of gold at 9999 purity. The new kilogram bars then become eligible for trade on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).

Global production of the gold kilogram format has now reached in excess of one million bars annually.

Premiums paid for Kilo Bars are higher than premiums charged for the 400 oz and 100 oz bars given their higher level of finishing and the increasing demand for the 1000 gram bar format worldwide.

Weight: 1000 grams 32.148 oz troy pure
Purity: .9999


1 Oz Maple Leaf Gold

(Tube of 10 Maple Leaf Gold 1 oz Coins)



The 1 ounce Gold Maple Leaf coins are among the world’s most popular pure gold coins, having sold more than 25 million troy ounces since their introduction in 1979. The GML was also the first bullion coin to achieve the heightened standard of 9999 pure.

Weight (Oz troy): 1     
Weight (g): 31.110
Purity (%): 99.99 
Diameter (mm): 30
Face value): $50  ($CAD)
Tube Contents: 10 X 1oz coin = 10 troy ounces 


New in 2015, replacing the bullion finish on earlier coins, the radial lines in the new 2015 GML's field have been precisely machined to within microns on the master tooling to ensure reproducibility from die to die and coin to coin.

Micro Laser Engraved

The uniqueness of the line width and pitch gives this coin a characteristic look, and creates a light diffracting pattern that is specific to this coin.

In 2013, the Mint introduced a new and unique Security Feature to confirm the authenticity of its GML coins, the GML Security Feature consists of a textured maple leaf, microengraved with laser technology on a small area of the reverse side (Maple Leaf side) of the coin. In the centre of this mark, visible under magnification, is laser engraved numeral denoting the coin’s year of issue (13,14,15).

Tubes of 10 X 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf

2015 Gold Maple Leaf (Reverse)

2015 Gold Maple Leaf (Obverse)


Maple Gold Monster Box-500 Troy Oz


Manufacture: Royal Canadian Mint Sealed 
Dimensions measure 10" x 6" x 3 1/2" 
Contents: 50 tubes x 10 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf = 500 ounces troy

Note: Gold Box available by special order


Bullion Custodial Services Account

Clients are required to open a cash account with Bullion Custodial Services Inc. BCS (custodian) in order to transact the purchase and/or storage of metals. A simple application form is provided upon request (below). Proper ID such as a passport or other government sponsored photo ID is required to open your account. Your account is set up within 48 hours and you can proceed with your purchase.

Please note: All metal purchases are transacted in US Dollars.

Bullion Custodial Services is compliant with the Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre (Fintrac).
Transacting Your Purchase

USD funds must be deposited in your BCS cash account prior to transacting the purchase of metals.

Your Bullion Strategies representative will execute the purchase of your metals and provide you with price confirmation by email within 15 minutes. BCS.will provide a detailed reconciliation of the transaction within 48 hours or T + 2.

Residual funds in your BCS cash account are returned to you on T + 2 (unless instructed otherwise). No interest is paid on funds remaining in your cash account.

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