Precious Metals Self-directed IRA Program

A self-directed IRA allows you to make your own choice in setting up your retirement nest-egg. The Bullion Bars & Coins program is a qualified investment for self-directed IRA's and provides the physical precious metals needed to balance and protect your retirement assets.
With long term wealth preservation in mind, the program was designed to insulate against counter party risk which only be achieved with unencumbered physical precious metals stored in secure, allocated and insured storage.

  • Set up an account with the trustee NDIRA (Contact Form Below).
  • Instruct NDIRA to purchase physical bullion from the selection of bars in the BMG BullionBarsTM  progam for your IRA account.
  • Bullion Strategies transacts your purchase then physical bars are moved to allocated storage.
  • Title to your bullion is held by the trustee NDIRA who will report to you according to your registered program.
  • Monthly reporting of assets and storage costs is sent to the trustee NDIRA.
  • You make the choice of when to buy and sell.

  • Simple and discrete procedure for the purchase of physical Gold, Silver and Platinum in your self-directed IRA.
  • Full disclosure with no hidden fees. Competitive fee structure offering volume discounts.
  • Signed client agreements for Purchase and Custody of bullion with the trustee.
  • Internationally recognized and established bullion provider and custodian.
  • No liquidity or volume constraints.
  • Allocated and fully insured storage with Scotiabank or BRINKS globally.
  • Bullion deed issued for each bar held in storage showing refiner, weight, purity, serial # and owner's name.
  • Good Delivery Standards precious metals bullion (LBMA, COMEX, LPPM and RCM).
  • International storage diversification.
  • Monthly reporting of precious metals by the Custodian BCS including market value, storage costs, account balances.
  • No exposure to counter-party risk.

  • Client information held encrypted in off-line storage.
  • Signed agreements for Purchase, Custody and Delivery of precious metals.
  • Custodian Disaster protocols in place.
  • Most secure vaults in the world conforming to LBMA/COMEX protocols.
  • Allocated and Insured storage.
  • 3rd party auditors report annual physical count of bars in vault.

Gold Bullion - IRA Qualified

400 Oz Good Delivery Gold Bar
100 Oz Good Delivery Gold Bar
32.15 Oz Kilo Good Delivery Gold Bar
Tube of 10 X 1 Oz Gold Maple Leaf

 Silver Bullion - IRA Qualified

1000 Oz Good Delivery Silver Bar
RCM 100 Oz Silver Bar
RCM 10 Oz Silver Bar
500 Oz Monster Box Silver Maple Leaf

 Platinum Bullion - IRA Qualified


50 Oz Good Delivery Bar/Plate Platinum
Tube of 10 X 1 Oz Platinum Maple Leaf

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Bullion Strategies Corporation is an Independent Authorized Dealer for the BMG BullionBarsTM program.