Good Delivery Standards Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion

Bullion Bars & Coins - Physical Bullion Program Features

  • Physical Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion
  • "Good Delivery" standards LBMA, COMEX, LPPM
  • Simple client application, fast purchase/sale execution
  • Purchase/sale, delivery and custodial agreements signed
  • No restrictions on bullion liquidity, global bullion markets
  • No volume restrictions (purchase, sale or delivery)
  • LBMA standards, choice of secure vaulting internationally
  • Allocated and insured storage (no bail-in or re-hypothecation)
  • Bullion delivery at any time anywhere in the world
  • Title evidenced by bullion deed for each bar/coin in storage
  • Monthly client reporting on vaulted assets
  • Annual audit by KPMG
  • Personal bullion inspection by appointment

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