Wholesale Market Precious Metals Pricing

Scotia Mocatta - Market Execution Pricing

Purchase and Sale of bullion exclusively transacted through Scotia Mocatta. Scotia Mocatta, as an institutional member of the LBMA and global bullion dealer, offers wholesale market pricing with no liquidity constraints.

 All trades are executed at Scotia Mocatta Bid/Ask market spreads in real time.
Scotia Mocatta - Seigniorage Premiums

Purchase of good delivery standards bullion is subject to seigniorage established in global trading markets and may vary depending on product availability and demand for the bar format.

Seigniorage premiums increase as the bar size decreases.

Seigniorage premiums are included in the purchase price.

Transaction Charges

Precious Metals Purchase Charge

Bullion Strategies Purchase Charge is based on the dollar volume purchased and range from 3% on a declining scale to 0.75%.

Execution at market for immediate fill - no open orders.

All transactions confirmed with full reconciliation - (T + 2 physical settlement and reporting).
Precious Metals Sale Charge

Bullion Strategies Sale Charge is based on the dollar volume of metals sold and ranges from 1.15% on a declining scale to 0.4%.

Execution at market for immediate fill - no open orders.

All sale transactions confirmed with full reconciliation - (T + 2 physical settlement and reporting).

Please Note: Volume discounts are based on the book value of assets + cash held in the BCS client account.

Custody & Delivery Charges

Precious Metals Custody Charge

Storage of gold, silver and platinum are charged the same custody charge by both Brinks and Scotiabank vaulting facilities worldwide.

Custody charges are reduced based on the volume of client assets in held storage and range from 1.5% on a reducing scale to 0.75% per year.

Custody Charges are set at the London Gold, Silver and Platinum daily fix - charges are cumulative and levied on a monthly basis.

Bullion Custodial Services reports the market value of assets held in custody and custodial charges monthly.

Custody charges include replacement cost insurance by Lloyds of London for both Brinks and Scotiabank vaults.
Precious Metals Delivery Charge

Delivery can be taken at the point of purchase or from storage at any time at the client's complete discretion.

Bullion Custodial Services (BCS) charges a minimum administrative charge of $500 per delivery for the first 5 bullion deeds redeemed and $100 per deed thereafter.

Client pays for direct BRINKS shipping charges to a commercial address - full delivery cost is deducted and reported by BCS upon fulfillment. Shipping is fully insured by BRINK'S.

Physical delivery of precious metals is made by appointment and must be received by a designated person. Delivery will be made to any accepted BRINKS destination worldwide - client responsible for import duties/taxes.

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