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1000 Oz Silver Bar



The 1000 oz silver bar is the standard institutional trading bar for the London Bullion Markets (LME) and is used to satisfy demand for large deliverable quantities of silver bullion traded on the Commodity Futures Trading Exchange (COMEX).

Daily trading on the LME in 1000 oz silver bars, along with trade in Comex silver 1000 oz bars in New York, set the spot silver price that you see quoted daily on the internet and in your newspaper. 

These bars are usually stored in LBMA/COMEX approved depositories worldwide in order to protect the "chain of integrity" for each bar and thus ensure instant liquidity in the global silver markets.

The 1000 oz bars are "crucible poured" by approved refiners to conform to LBMA good delivery weight and purity standards and may vary in weight. Each bar is struck with an individual serial number, the pour date, weight, purity and bears the refiner's stamp.

Because 1000 oz bars weigh on average 65 lbs, they are heavy and cumbersome to move without a fork-lift and taking delivery of this format is not recommended for the average individual. 

Institutions, central banks and hedge funds, who's main focus is on cost, liquidity and speed of execution will always use the 1000 ounce silver bar because it charges the lowest premium per ounce and ensures instant access to the global silver markets.

Weight Range: 900 - 1100 oz troy
Purity: .999+

Heavy Metal 1000 oz Silver

100 Oz RCM Silver Bar



Choice and quality are signatures of silver bars from the Royal Canadian Mint. The 100 troy ounce silver bars qualify as London "good delivery" bars. At a purity of .9999, these silver bars represent a cost effective way to invest in silver from a globally recognized refiner, the Royal Canadian Mint.

The RCM 100 oz Silver Bars feature a highly polished reflective finish. Each bar is stamped with its serial number, the date of issue, the weight and purity of the bar. RCM only produces 99.99% pure 100 oz bars. They are both attractive and portable and stack precisely for convenient storage.

Weight (Oz): 100

Weight (g): 3,110.300
Purity (%): 99.99
Diameter (mm): 81.2
1 Tonne Pallet 100 oz Silver

10 Oz RCM Silver Bar



10 ounce silver bars from the Royal Canadian Mint may be especially attractive to those seeking the purest silver bar on the market with added security and anti-counterfeit features. Like Canadian Maple Leaf coins, RCM bars are comprised of .9999 pure silver versus standard .999 purity found on most silver bullion products.

Each RCM 10-Oz silver bar is individually stamped with a unique serial number and features reeded edges as do the Maple Leaf coins. Each bar is glows with a unique RCM silver bullion finish and is sealed in a protective RF head-sealed casing.

These newer RCM release bars introduce a whole new level of excitement to the 10 oz bar category. The slightly higher premium attached to them is justified, given the attractive features, added security and the confidence they will provide buyers in the secondary silver market.

Royal Canadian Mint's Bullion 10 oz. Silver Bar is the only 10 ounce bar on the market that is produced by a government mint.

Because these bars are stamped on a press, instead of poured into a mold, the detail far 
surpasses the traditional finish of 10 ounce bars manufactured today. Not only are these the purest bars of 10 ounce silver at 9999 but each one is an exquisite work of art.

Weight (Troy Oz): 10
Weight (g): 311.785
Purity (%): 99.99
Diameter (mm):
Dimensions (mm): 3.544" x 2.044" x .3/16"
(90.022 mm x 51.92 mm x 4.76 mm)

RCM 10 oz Silver Bars In Plastic Case

Reeded Edge


RCM Silver Bar Monster Box 500 Troy Oz


Mint Sealed Monster Box of 10 oz. RCM .9999 Fine Silver Bullion Bars (50 Bars). RCM combines quality and purity with the enhanced security of a meticulously reeded edge and a serial number unique to each bar. As a bar which is struck rather than cast, this premium silver bullion product also features superior relief and the Mint's signature bullion finish. Each box sealed at the Royal Canadian Mint and labeled with an individual registration number.

Monster Box Specifications

Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
Condition: New, Mint Sealed
Purity: 0.9999
Silver Content: Individual: 10 troy oz
Box: 500 troy oz
Width: 52.25mm
Height: 90mm
Thickness: 7.1mm
Box Dimensions: 9.75"L x 7"W x 4.75"H


Silver 1 oz Maple Leaf 

RCM Silver Monster Box 500 Troy Oz

 RCM Security Features


Since its introduction in 1988, the iconic Silver Maple Leaf (SML) has been a highly sought-after Royal Canadian Mint bullion investment coin. The SML is minted with one troy ounce (31.11 grams) of 9999 fine silver, and has a face value of $5, the highest face value on the market for any comparable silver bullion coin. All 1-ounce 99.99% pure SML Bullion coins produced for 2014 and beyond will have two new and unique features for enhanced security.

Weight (Troy Oz): 1
Weight (g): 31.110
Purity (%): 99.99
Diameter (mm): 38
Face value ($CAD): $5

Monster Box Dimensions: 9.75"L x 7"W x 4.75"H
Monster Box Contents: 20 rolls of 25 X 1 oz Silver = 500 oz
Monster Box Identification:

Each box is sealed by RCM with two plastic straps and labeled with the unique production serial ID number.

Each RCM Monster Box is built of reinforced plastic. The unique design allows for convenient vertical stacking on a small footprint.


Replacing the bullion finish on earlier coins, the radial lines in the new 2014 SML’s field have been precisely machined to within microns on the master tooling to ensure reproducibility from die to die and coin to coin.
Laser cut precision tooling inspection

The uniqueness of the line width and pitch gives this coin a characteristic look, and creates a light diffracting pattern that is specific to this coin. Combined with a new visual security feature, a textured maple leaf micro engraved with laser technology on a small area of the reverse side, with the numeral “14” denoting the coin’s year of issue—this coin represents the cutting edge in coin security.

RCM Silver Monster Box

20 Rolls of 25 1oz Silver Maple Leaf

Monster Box Built For Stacking


Bullion Custodial Services Account

Clients are required to open a cash account with Bullion Custodial Services Inc. BCS (custodian) in order to transact the purchase and/or storage of metals. A simple application form is provided upon request (below). Proper ID such as a passport or other government sponsored photo ID is required to open your account. Your account is set up within 48 hours and you can proceed with your purchase.

Please note: All metal purchases are transacted in US Dollars.

Bullion Custodial Services is compliant with the Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre (Fintrac).
Transacting Your Purchase

USD funds must be deposited in your BCS cash account prior to transacting the purchase of metals.

Your Bullion Strategies representative will execute the purchase of your metals and provide you with price confirmation by email within 15 minutes. BCS.will provide a detailed reconciliation of the transaction within 48 hours or T + 2.

Residual funds in your BCS cash account are returned to you on T + 2 (unless instructed otherwise). No interest is paid on funds remaining in your cash account.

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