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December 2018 Interviews

Dr. David Janda
December 30, 2018 - Hammer of Justice Falls in 2019 - Host of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” Dr. Dave Janda comes on to talk about what has been going on and what’s coming in the fight with Deep State globalists to control America. Janda says before the indictments can happen, Trump “has to clean up the FBI and DOJ.” 25 top people from the FBI and DOJ have been fired or quit for misconduct, including treason in trying to remove Donald Trump form office in a failed coup. Part of the cleanup also includes getting rid of “dirty judges” and installing judges that “will follow the Constitution and the rule of law.”
Dr. David Janda Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 2:01:09

Alex Newman
December 23, 2018 - We Are Dealing With a Diabolical Conspiracy that Hates God - Journalist Alex Newman says the mass migration you are seeing in Europe and on the U.S. Southern border is nothing more than weapon of the globalists who want one-world government in their sick New World Order. Newman contends, “It’s all Western civilization that is under attack. The ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France are much more than about global warming (tax) policies. The French are tired of paying ridiculous taxes to fund third world dictatorships in the United Nations to tackle a boogie man. . . . The protesters have said . . . there are valid concerns concerning the mass migration. The French people are tired of this mass migration. People all over the world are tired of it. They did surveys here in Europe and Europeans are overwhelmingly opposed to this. . . . In many cases, the strong majority wanted an end to the Islamic mass migration and the governments just do not respond to the will of the people.”
Alex Newman Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 40:33

Peter Schiff
December 18, 2018 - Americans Are Going to be Impoverished - Money manager Peter Schiff is not surprised the stock market is way off its highs for the year. Schiff explains, “The crazy part was the markets going up. What makes sense is it coming back down. The Fed was really playing a game of how many straws it could put on the camel’s back before it breaks it. Each time they raised interest rates, it was another straw. I postulated on one of my podcasts that the last rate hike that the Fed put through was the rate hike that would break the camel’s back. The camel being the markets and the economy, and I think that’s exactly what happened.” Schiff says the Fed is very weak and is going to have a hard time fighting inflation when it hits. Schiff contends, “In fact, right now, the Fed’s liabilities exceed its assets because, on paper, the assets have gone down. So, the Fed, right now, is already insolvent, and the degree of insolvency is only going to increase as inflation and interest rates rise higher.”
Peter Schiff Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 34:08

Danielle DiMartino Booth
December 15, 2018 - $250 Trillion Global Debt Will Not Be Forgiven Willingly - Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth is not optimistic for a prosperous New Year in 2019.  DiMartino Booth explains, “We could easily see a very sharp decline in the first quarter in economic output. We have had a lot of companies and firms do what we call ‘panic buying’ because of the potential raising of tariffs on Chinese goods from 10% to 25%. So, we had a lot of supply pulled forward. There is not a lot of demand on the other end of that for this tremendous inventory restocking cycle we just went through. Then companies are going to slam on the brakes and stop buying in the first quarter. That could really be detrimental to economic health. . . . If (Fed Head) Jay Powell sees the real economy slowing, then I believe he will pause this tightening campaign in early 2019.”
Danielle DiMartino Booth Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 35:09

Egon von Greyerz
December 12, 2018 - Most Massive Wealth Destruction Ever Coming - Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz says, “Because of the artificial control of the system, the cycles becomes ten times or a hundred times bigger than they would have been by natural forces. We have had a hundred years of excesses in the world and artificial wealth creation. Now, in the coming years, we will have a very long period of the opposite. Wealth will disappear. A lot of people will suffer, and, sadly, there will be famine. There will be misery. The world has gone through this before, but this will be bigger than it ever has been. The world will survive this, but there will be a lot of suffering when this implodes. The fear hasn’t started yet, but it will, and then there will be a rush into gold and silver. Our clients are increasing their positions.  In my view, 25% of total net worth is the minimum (to invest in gold and silver), and, personally, I would not have any major assets in the bank because I don’t think the banking system will survive. If it survives, it will not be in its present form. Stocks, in relation to gold, will go down 90% to 95%. They went down 90% in 1929 to 1932. There will be the most massive wealth destruction ever.”
Egon von Greyerz Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 33:23

Michael Pento
December 8, 2018 - Fed Will Pursue Radical Inflation - In September, money manager Michael Pento warned, “The massive bubble blown by global central banks is unraveling now.” Look at the upheaval in markets and he was clearly correct. Now, Pento sees, “Deflation, say it again, deflation. We are heading for a deflationary/ inflationary depression. That’s what we have been modeled for. That’s why we went short in September. We covered the short just before Thanksgiving, and we went short again last Monday just before the crash.”
The debt is enormous and unpayable. So, is the world headed for a debt reset and a crash? Pento says, “I think we are and that is exactly where we are headed. Eventually, we are going to completely reset the currency like Germany had to do following WWI , but it is going to have to take one more cycle of inflation before we get there. So, right now, we are deflating, and we have been deflating for a while. We are going to have a deflationary panic in the stock market. It’s no longer predicted. It’s happening, and I think it’s going to happen all over the globe.”
Michael Pento Video - Link Here
Soiurce: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 32:43

Rob Kirby
December 5, 2018 - Massive Drawdown of Physical Metal - When proprietary analyst of precious metals and former credit derivatives trader Rob Kirby informs us that an epic amount of physical precious metals was just withdrawn and memory-holed using off-market transactions, we sit up and take notice. The adage to "ignore their words and follow the money" leads us into a piercing expose of the Comex as an "operational crime scene," the G20 summit as a sign of the breakup of nationalists vs. globalists, the government imposed hikes on oil & gas in France and the leading edge of hyperinflation contagion, and the Deutchebank investigation as a wedge between the US and the EU.
Rob Kirby Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/Reluctant Preppers
Video run-time: 46:45

William Black
December 2, 2018 - Deutsche Bank Crime Weakens Global Financial System - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has deemed Deutsche Bank as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Professor of Economics and Law, William Black, knows why and contends, “Deutsche Bank (DB) poses as what is called a ‘National Champion’ bank and the largest bank by far in Germany, but it’s actually the largest criminal enterprise in Germany. This is quite a statement because VW is such a massive fraud. It is insane that we allow Deutsche Bank to go from fraud to fraud to fraud. They cheat on everything else you can possibly imagine and, typically, they are getting caught, which is also not a very good sign in terms of their competence even as thieves. Even in the United States, there has been reluctance to crack down on Deutsche Bank.  When the New York Commissioner tried to crack down, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the premier banking regulator, actually sought to impede that. He disparaged the New York folks and said there really wasn’t that big of problems and such, and all of that proved to be lies.” Deutsche Bank was raided by German regulators last week on more allegations of fraud and money laundering.
William Black Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 37:26