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January 2015 Interviews

Catherine Austin Fitts
January 26, 2015 - Investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts predicts that 2015 is going to be “volatile and violent.” Fitts says, “I think 2015 is going to be a very rough year. I think you have to be prepared for wild swings. We’ve seen oil come down 50%.The Middle East is already out of control, and it’s been out of control for a while.  It you look at the long view . . . the Americans have been very clear.  They want to control the flow in Eurasia as ties between a wealthy Europe and a rising Asia increase.  Whether it’s the pipelines, the railroads or the roads, everything builds on the Silk Road, and we want to be in control." Are we going to have a big U.S. dollar devaluation at some point?  Fitts says, “That’s a military question.  Where the dollar comes out really comes down to both the covert and overt military capacity of the United States." On gold, Fitts says, “I think everybody believes they need some gold. Gold is central bank insurance. . . . Basically, what I say is you have to have a core position.  I don’t think gold will reassert the primary trend this year.  When I say that, it’s got to go above $1,550 per ounce to prove it has reasserted the primary trend.  I don’t see that happening this year.  Now, if the violence gets bad enough, it could. . . . I love gold." 
Catherine A. Fitts Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube
Video run-time: 38:44

Rob Kirby
January 21, 2015 - Former bond/derivatives trader and founder of Kirby Analytics is interview by Geoff Rutherford of Sprott Money on the macro economic events at play in the world, with a focus on the recent de-pegging of the Swiss Franc and the expected massive QE to be launched by the ECB. Rob's update provides a current view of the macro economic events at play with oil, gold and silver and deals with some very intricate questions about risk assessment regarding the big 5 US banks controlling 98% of the global derivative markets. In his pragmatic approach to precious metals ownership, Rob believes that the best way to own physical bullion is to make sure you own it and control where it is stored very discretely. On a global basis Rob feels that Canada remains the safest country in which to store your precious metals citing past problems with bullion allocations held in Swiss Banks.
Rob Kirby Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube
Video run-time: 31:03

Michael Pento
January 21, 2015 - Author and financial analyst Michael Pento says, “Gold is going up in all currencies because investors are coming to this realization, or epiphany, that you cannot trust central banks... We live in a world now where free markets have been completely obliterated. You can’t find a free market left on the planet, and that goes for commodities, equity markets, currencies and particularly goes for the bond markets. The bond markets now do not represent any vestige of reality whatsoever... We have just made all the problems associated with the Great Recession much, much worse. As that realization unfolds, people will be flocking back into hard money, and that means gold.”
Michael Pento Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube
Video run-time: 22:08

Nomi Prins
January 20, 2015 - Best-selling author and financial expert Nomi Prins says, “We are in a financial meltdown.  it hasn’t happened yet, but it should happen because of the instability of a system that is supported by central bank maneuvers and not really anything organic... Using money to fix a banking system that doesn’t work is not a good policy.  It hasn’t trickled down to the average person . . . but what the dollar has going for it is the collaboration of the government, the private banks and the Fed is the fact they had a first mover advantage.  The QE, the dump, the policies were bad, but they were first.  The dollar is not propped up by good economics.  It’s propped up artificially by all of these maneuvers, but everything else is doing so badly and will continue to do badly that (the dollar) it will have a relatively better value for now. . . . I think the dollar will get weaker, but I don’t think we are going to see that plunge in the very near term because every other country is struggling right now.  That’s why there is still an advantage to the dollar and, again, not because our policies dictate that and not because this extra debt is smart.”
Nomi Prins Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube
Video run-time: 20:06

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
January 17, 2015 - Acclaimed author, economist and co-founder of Reaganomics Paul Craig Roberts provides a strategic interpretation of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) move to release the Swiss Franc from the Euro peg. This move was unannounced and unexpected, a virtual black swan, and has caused mayhem in the foreign exchange markets. The Swiss decision is a stand against having to keep up with the anticipated QE or massive printing of the Euro currency to be announced this week. This non-confidence move has signaled resistance on the part of the Swiss to being forced to inflate their currency. The risk going forward is that any printing by the ECB will have the effect of strengthening the Swiss Franc to the point where it will damage their exports and thus the whole economy. The effects of the Swiss actions has cost hedge funds and institutions a lot of money and this money is lost. Roberts believes there are consequences that have not yet appeared in the system but will play out over the next couple of months.
Paul Craig Roberts Audio - Link Here
Source: King World News
Audio run-time: 23:14

Charles Nenner
January 13, 2015 - Charles Nenner, of the Charles Nenner Research Center, says the plunge in oil prices is not over. Nenner says, “It’s all in a sell signal and (the chart) goes straight down. If lines go straight down on a yearly chart . . . there is a major, major issue going on here. This is all deflation.  Corn price came down, wheat price came down, cotton is coming down, gas is almost at the low, the oil price is coming down and copper price is almost at a new low.  I don’t understand why people don’t understand there is a problem with deflation. Real estate is coming down again because nobody is going to spend money.  You don’t trust the banks; you don’t want to be in the monetary system, so you buy gold.  There are some very good reasons that deflation is going to lead to a bull market in gold."
Charles Nenner Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube
Video run-time: 22:10

David Morgan
January 7, 2015 - Precious metals expert David Morgan says the plunge in oil prices is not good news for big Wall Street banks. Morgan explains, “The amount of debt that is carried by the fracking industry at large is about double what the sub-prime was in the real estate fiasco in 2008. The main problem is the overleverage of the system as a whole.  Warren Buffett calls derivatives weapons of financial mass destruction, which is a true statement.  Secondly, look at how derivatives are interconnected. So, if the oil sector unraveled, what would happen to gold and silver prices? There is an unbelievable lack of trust in the system. People need something they can trust. Physical gold and silver is something you can trust, and it’s been that way for thousands of years. People aren’t that stupid, they understand that.” Morgan goes on to say, “I am not implying this is going to unravel tomorrow. I think it’s going to take a longer time frame than you might expect. I really think it’s going to take four or five months from now. I am thinking May or June before you start looking for the repercussions of this sub $50 (per barrel) oil.”
David Morgan Video - Link Here
Source; Youtube
Video run-time: 32:59

Michael Pento
January 4, 2015 - Author, money manager and highly regarded guest on CNBC and  Bloomberg, Michael Pento gives us a hands on view of the evolving global financial picture. Despite the central banks that insist everything is now stabilized with the Economy, Michael warns that all is not rosy and in fact is much more fragile than it was at the beginning of the last crisis in 2008, "Politicians and central bankers would like to have everyone believe that everything has returned to what they deem as pre-crisis normality, that the water is warm and inviting and everyone should jump in because all previous worries that plagued the market in 2008 have been solved. But the truth is the global economy has never been more fragile. All of the major averages, the Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq were down on the year come mid-October. That is an example of how fragile the markets are and how fragile the economies have become... The so described strength of markets and economic growth is illusory."
Michael Pento Audio - Link Here
Source: King World News
Audio run-time: 10:57

Rob Kirby
January 4, 2015 - Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com thinks what is happening with oil prices being cut in half in a matter of months is no accident. Kirby explains, “I look at what is transpiring in the crude oil market as yet another engineered or financial trickery on the part of the financial elites  What this breakdown in the crude oil price is going to spawn is another financial crisis. It will be tied to the junk debt that has been issued to finance the shale oil plays in North America. It is reported to be in the area of half a trillion dollars’ worth of junk debt that is held largely on the books of large financial institutions in the western world. When these bonds start to fail, they will jeopardize the future of these financial institutions. I do believe that will be the signal for the Fed to come riding to the rescue with QE4."
Rob Kirby Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube
Video run-time: 31:18

Bill Flekenstein
January 3, 2015 -  Author, columnist and money manager Bill Flekenstein sees the oil collapse as the beginning of a domino effect on the global banking system. His pragmatic approach to the macroeconomic markets has him utterly amazed at the misguided central bank policies that can lead to nothing but a collapse of the entire house of cards. He explains that no one can predict the "when" part in the formula as the entire picture is an illusion of the greatest proportion. Not unlike Dorothy pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz the entire system becomes exposed to an intertwined network of global central banks that have completely distorted any financial principles we were taught in the economics textbooks from our colleges and universities. He states:"The Fed is out of control, the BOJ, the SNB and Draghi is going to join the party and anyone that makes that statement is viewed as an idiot by people who are long the S&P out their eyeballs, and believe that this is the greatest contraption of all time. And if this is the greatest contraption of all time (IE: money printing) then everything you have learned in your textbooks is absolutely worthless."
Bill Fleckenstein Audio - Link Here
Source: King World News
Audio run-time: 11:56

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