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January 2018 Interviews

Bill Holter
January 30, 2018 - DC So Dirty They Tried a Coup Attempt - Financial writer Bill Holter thinks revelations from the so-called Washington D.C. swamp are going to intensify in 2018. Holter explains, “I would call what’s coming a tsunami of truth. I think it’s going to affect the mood of the country.  It is going to enrage some people.  I think it will scare some people.  It will definitely affect capital flows.  There is a debate about arresting people and perp walks, whether that would be good or bad for confidence.  It’s my opinion it would initially be bad for confidence because there are so many people (that would be criminally charged) it would blow their minds.  It’s beyond anything that they even thought of.  So, I think confidence would initially break, but longer term, it is good for confidence because it will be a sign that the rule of law is coming back to the United States.”
Bill Holter Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatachdog
Video run-time: 32:32

Chris Martenson
January 24, 2018 - Rising Oil Price Will Pop this Bubble - Economic researcher and futurist Chris Martenson says if you believe everything is great with the economic turnaround, you have to believe “fundamentals don’t matter.” Martenson explains, “Of course, fundamentals matter, but they don’t seem to these days.  Take every company that has a market cap of $2 billion or higher and a price to earnings (P/E) of more than 50 or higher and what do you get?  You get a list of 236 companies.  These are not small companies, these are big companies.  We saw a number of these things that showed up in 2000, but they were really concentrated in the tech sector.  This time you’ve got bio tech, food companies, Yelp, 21 companies from the oil and gas sector.  These are all sorts of different sectors, and what we are seeing is caution to the wind and fundamentals don’t matter.  That means if you buy a company with a 50 P/E, you are willing to wait 50 years at current earnings to earn that dollar back.  I also found page after page of companies with 200, 300 and 400 P/E.  It’s astonishing.”

Chris Martenson Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 34:36

Nomi Prins
January 21, 2018 -  Debt Will Ultimately be Destructor of the System - Two time, best-selling author Nomi Prins says global debt levels are at record highs.  Prins contends, “These are levels that they have never been, and they are all at their historic highs.  That’s why debt will ultimately be the destructor of the system.  In order for that to happen, the cheapness of money that allow states, municipalities and corporations to continue to borrow at these cheap levels has to go away. At some point, there will be a mistake.  There might be a tiny smidge of an interest rate hike at some central bank, probably the Fed, which ripples throughout the system as a mistake, not because real growth has happened, and that’s why interest rates have been raised.   That will incur defaults throughout the system.  People will incur personal defaults, and that will cause problems in the mortgage market,  then it becomes a knock-on credit crisis, and then banks start not to lend. Then we have the makings of a broad crisis.”
Nomi Prins Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 35:05

John Rubino
January 10, 2018 -  JOHN RUBINO ON X22 REPORT - We Have Reached The Tipping Point, The Current Economic Structure Cannot Be Sustained - John addresses the excessive amounts of debt that has accrued over time and the effect it will have on your wealth. Inflation is baked in the cake and there is no way out of a significant write down in the value of the US Dollar. His rational approach to precious metals invites attention.
John Rubino Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/X22Report
Video run-time: 38:48

Catherine Austin Fitts
January 9, 2018 - Jason Liosatos interview with Catherine Austin Fitts - My talk with Catherine Austin Fitts former assistant secretary of housing under George Bush Senior. Catherine talks about her own breakaway from the psychopathic, corrupted Government money system, and her wonderful work now at www.solari.com where she is helping people to understand our system, and move towards a more symbiotic one, based on empathy, morals, truth and co operation.
Catherine Austin Fitts Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/OutsideTheBox
Video run-time: 44:32

Greg Mannarino
January 7, 2018 -  Deficits and Debt Will Explode Higher - Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino is not bullish on the US dollar, and that should worry the man on the street. Mannarino explains, “Inflation is going to be the theme of 2018.  How do we know this is going to be the case?  Let’s look at what happened to the dollar last year. The dollar got melted down last year, and this trajectory has been going on for decades.  It’s just getting progressively worse, and it’s going to continue this year.  It’s amazing to me to think that anyone thinks the dollar is going to get stronger from here.  President Trump wants a weak dollar.  He wants to keep the dollar low in relation to other currencies. The weaker dollar is stock market positive.”
Greg Mannarino Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 35:04

Peter Schiff
January 5, 2017 - Twin Deficits May Doom Stock Market Boom- Peter Schiff on investing in gold, silver, dollar, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, stock market. Also Trump tax cuts, economy, recession, & depression.
Peter Schiff Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/TheSchiffReport
Video run-time: 26:09

Danielle DiMartino Booth
January 2, 2018 - Inflation and Deflation Simultaneously - Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth is not optimistic about a surging economy in 2018. Booth contends, “We have seen 24 consecutive back-to-back months when credit card spending has outpaced incomes.  That tells you households are struggling to get by.  This is not Eve Saint Laurent handbags and Jimmy Choo shoes.  These are families who are using their credit cards to take care of the necessities, to fill up the gas tank, to buy groceries and fill up their refrigerator. We have seen month after month of subprime automobile delinquencies, and we are starting to see a big tic up in FHA mortgage delinquencies as well. We are at almost 10% (delinquencies) of FHA mortgage loans.  Underlying this sugar high that we will see from all of these hurricanes and rebuilding efforts and wildfires, underneath that, still waters run deep and the economy is not doing well.  We are a consumption driven economy that is weakening underneath.  The sugar high will absolutely wear off in 2018.”
Danielle DiMartino Booth Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 42:21