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January 2020 Interviews

John Rubino
January 8, 2020 - World Governments have Given Up on Fixing Financial System - Financial writer and book author John Rubino sees the world careening toward a debt reset at an increasing pace. Rubino explains, “The coming monetary reset and what that means for gold and what that means for the rest of the global financial system, you don’t need a war to bring that about because we are making enough financial mistakes that will get us there in no time flat now without geopolitical turmoil. If you add a big war in the Middle East into the equation, then anything can happen. A scenario right now that is very, very feasible is we start shooting in the Middle East and Russia and China is on the other side of this in one way or another. They help Iran, and we have our allies helping us, and we start using these next generation weapons that are breathtakingly powerful. Nobody has any idea what’s going to happen when we start throwing these things at each other. . . . Oil spikes to $100 – $150 per barrel, and that tips the already extremely fragile global financial system over the edge. So, we get the ‘Greater Depression’ or the monetary reset or a hyperinflation or whatever we get sooner rather than later. It’s a disaster for everybody when it happens that way.”
John Rubino Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 37:13

Michael Pento
January 5, 2020 - Reset Will be Money Printing & Debt Default - Money manager Michael Pento says forget about the sky high stock market because everything is being propped up with massive global money printing. Pento explains, “Let’s look at the facts. Global debt has now risen above $250 trillion. Let that sink in for a second, and it is a record percentage, 330% of GDP. So, we have never seen debt like this before in nominal terms. Even as a percentage of the phony GDP that is engendered by free money, it is at a record. So, the central bankers have realized that they are trapped. There is no escape from global massive debt monetization. . . . We have China, Japan, Europe . . . and even our Federal Reserve is back in QE. We have a standing repo facility. We could only raise rates to 1.5%, and we are headed back to 0%. So, the only way this massive pile of debt is able to be serviced, even on the margins, is when money is free and central banks continually debase currency.”
Michael Pento Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/USAWatchdog
Video run-time: 31:39

Craig Hemke
January 2, 2020 - Basics of COT Report Simplified for Gold and Silver Investors - SBTV enlisted the help of Craig Hemke, publisher of the popular TFMetalsReport.com, to explain the basics of the oft-mentioned Commitment of Traders report (COT report) and how gold and silver investors can use it meaningfully. This interview was recorded a week before Christmas 2019. Also check our other video with Craig which covered other areas of the COT report not mentioned in this video:https://youtu.be/gxCWCJBIXPk Discussed in this interview: 01:43 Overview of Commitment of Traders report 05:15 Focus on the legacy report of the COT 11:16 Long, Short and Spreading 18:08 High leverage between paper gold and physical 24:49 Obscure nature of Exhcange For Physicals 29:35 Situation with the Fed's actions in the repo market 35:14 Crisis in 2020? 39:16 The CFTC is corrup
Craig Hemke Video - Link Here
Source: Youtube/SilverBullionTV
Video run-time: 40:20